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Special Notes on Movie Film Blanks & Bullet Wound Squibs in Southeast Asia

John Fox uses Highly Visual, Long Duration Movie Film Blank Cartridges to ensure that the flash is recorded on the film.
There are two main types of blank cartridges in the market place - one is designed for military training, the other is specifically for film industry use. Military blanks are made for training, where it is safer that there is no flash from the weapon.

Military blanks usually contain very little powder and are often not reliable, it can also be an advantage to have stoppages within a training environment.

Film industry blanks, on the other hand, are specifically made to give a highly visual long duration flash and can contain varying amounts of powder, depending on the effect the director wants. This long duration flash is needed to register the gun firing on the film stock.

Using military blanks where the flash is of very short duration, the flash can fall between the frames and you will have nothing on film, necessitating visual effects enhancement afterwards. In addition, stoppages during filming, although looking realistic, can be disastrous during a take where the gun has to work flawlessly in conjunction with special effects explosions and whatever other action is going on.

When you start filming with military blanks in the guns, in the bright sunlight, you will not register anything apart from the empty cases being ejected from the gun and the director will not be impressed. He will not be interested in the excuse of saving a few cents per blank and you will subsequently have to fix the problem in post production or fly in high-flash film industry blanks to re-shoot and remedy the situation.

Film Industry blanks are not the cheapest. They are, however, reliable and they are well made.

When filming on location, a blank that has not been sealed properly can, within 2 weeks have absorbed enough moisture from the air to give unreliable performance in the weapons or not work at all.

The price of these special film industry blanks are only slightly higher than the military surplus blank cartridges, combine this with my years of on set experience and you will achieve a better look to your film



9mm MP5K Machinegun during a take
Film Industry Full Flash Blanks

5.56mm Colt M4A3 Carbine
Film Industry Full Flash Blanks

Special Effects Gun Shot Squibs

It is very important that the blood from the bullet wound squib registers on the film and for this reason we only use imported Hollywood quality film industry squibs.

John Fox uses imported Film Industry Squibs for all productions.

On Set Safety - Special Effects & Armoury

John Fox offers 35 years plus of Special Effects and Armoury Experience.

We operate with extreamly high safety standards

John was one of the original pioneers of The Film Industry Safety Code of Practice in Australia and holds a Diploma in OH&S.

Both here in Australia and also in South East Asia we have advised film productions on in front of camera Safety Standards for Armoury and the use of suitable camera protection.
The following of correct safety procedures and risk assessments to ensure the safety of the Cast and Crew.

Correct safety measures do not effect the look of the gunfire on film, in fact we can improve the look of the gunfire on film with added safety supervision ..

We are there to provide the best possible gunfire and bullet hit action on screen..

For you, the director..its your vision, let us help you acheive your vision as a team..

If you are considering Australia - Thailand - South East Asia for your next project please do not hesitate to contact me for an estimate of your special effects and armoury costs.


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