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Letter from Brent Houghton - Furious Films.
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Brent Houghton talks about the weapons in his films:

In response to the many e-mails that we have received at Furious Films that have asked;
1. Where did you find all of the exotic weapons and the Real SWAT Outfits that you have used in your film?
2. How have you achieved the "Hollywood Look" in your Gun Fire Action Sequences?

Let me start by saying that the weapons (firearms) that we have used in our projects to date have all been provided by John Fox who I consider to be the Ultimate Motion Picture Armourer.

5.56mm Colt M4A3 Tactical Carbine with 40mm Colt M203 Grenade Launcher & Trijicon M4 NSN Scope.
This is the latest version of the M16A3 Carbine as used by US troups in the Gulf War & Iraq Conflict and is also used by Australian SAS and many other special forces units around the world.

5.56mm Colt M16A2 Service Rifle
In Current US service


RPG 7 Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher


7.62mm Remington 700 Sniper Rifle in Accuracy International Stock & 36x Tactical Scope

5.56mm Steyr AUG 16" Machine Carbine ( MK )
Australian Service Carbine ( F88c )

9mm Heckler & Koch MP5K

9mm Heckler & Koch MP5


9mm Heckler & Koch MP5SD
( Integral Silencer )
Aimpoint ML and M6 Laser-Flashlight

The MP5 Weapons system is used by many special operations and counter terrorist groups worldwide.


357 Magnum Desert Eagle Pistol

9mm Beretta 92FS Pistol



9mm Micro Uzi SMG

9mm Uzi SMG

9mm Cobray M11-9 with Silencer



12g Street Sweeper Shotgun

9mm Glock 17 Pistol

9mm SIG P226 Pistol

"Where did you get the high tech weaponry and real swat outfits from?"

They where all supplied by the Film Armourer John Fox, But let me tell you the full story from the begining.

Some time ago, before I went to film school, I had the good fortune to bump into a guy at a film screening who had just finished a short action film and during a conversation with him I explained that I was making a Super 8 Film with friends and did he know where I could get a real pistol to use in my film.

I had called a couple of gun shops in town and only got a negative response from them, this guy turned around and called out across the room "Hey John, come and meet Brent. He's making your kind of film." John Fox came over and was introduced to me, an older guy in his 30's I thought at the time. To my surprise John said " Are there guns in your film?.. would you like me to be your Armourer". I couldn't believe my luck running into just the person I needed for my film but then I thought "How can I afford this guy, he's obviously not a student, he's a pro."

I was a mere student with no money trying to make a film and my shoot was 150km out of town at a friends parents farm and on the weekend too, the DOP and Crew (Four young guys and a camera) were all driving up the night before in a borrowed car and sleeping on the floor in the chicken shed for the weekend, I was surely sunk.

Surprise again, John said "Don't worry about that. We can work something out later. Let me see your script, your story board of the gun scenes and tell me what you have in mind."

Since then I have seen John's name in many, many credit lists of feature films, television series, comedy skits. You name it, he's out there doing the work.

And surprisingly John Fox's work ethic is the same towards young filmmakers as it is with the big budget boys like Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung, who John got along very well with when they asked him to work on Mr. Nice Guy. Even Jackie was surprised by John's high tech weapons. Jackie actually said "We don't even have these guns in Hong Kong!" (Jackie has his own film armoury company in Hong Kong)

I have seen John and Jackie working together on the set of Mr. Nice Guy rehearsing a gun firing sequence involving the gun being fired close to Jackie's face and head with Gabrielle Fitzpatrick very close by in the frame. I thought "This cant be done. It's far too dangerous." But after a few technical rehearsals and a few quiet moments with just John and Jackie together, then John and Gabrielle, then back to Jackie I heard "Weapons standing by,.........roll cameras A and B.

They did three takes of this sequence without a hitch and everybody was very happy with the results.

John Fox provides this kind of service to all filmmakers, big or small. He's just amazing...nothing is impossible for him....special guns made to order, a gun from the 1850's or the latest high tech SWAT team weapons, he has them all.

John Fox is a true industry professional who cares about the films he works on . He makes sure that the weapons are correct for the film storyline and his weapons function flawlessly under all conditions. With his attention to detail in respect to the weapons placement within the frame, and his knowledge of the camera angles and lens sizes that help to capture those great gun flashes that come from his weapons, it all helps to make a greater impact on the film.

When Jamie Blanks (Director "Urban Legend") telephoned his editor to ask him what he thought of his small pilot ("Phage") all the editor could say was "Where the hell did you get the fantastic guns and gunfire from?" Jamie's reply was "My weapons man, John Fox."

John Fox's on set safety procedures and actor coaching also ensure that accidents don't happen on his set. (This is very important in a modern action shootout where the guns are being fired very close to camera, other actors, crew etc. The use of highly visual blanks that can cause death or severe injury at close range, you need to be aware of safety issues and pay attention to John's instructions) We all feel very safe when John is on set.

So with all of this in mind, John Fox, his weapons, and all the accessories that he has to go with them was our natural choice when we started to think about making HUNTSMAN 5.1. With his years of experience and numerous credits, maybe you should contact John about your project. He is very approachable, fully licensed, and can work in any State.

Brent Houghton. & David No