John Fox - Film & Theatrical Armourer - Weapons Specialist Armorer - Licensed Explosive Special Effects - Pyrotechnic SFX
OH&S Supervisor - Firearms Safety Training for Cast - Crew - Specific to the Film Industry

John Fox with Brent Houghton

Sammo Hung on the set of Mr Nice Guy

John Fox with Steven Berkoff

John Fox with Jackie Chan

John Fox with Olivia Newton-John

Enjoy the images covering 35 plus years of film and television history.

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With credits in over 300 films and 650 TV episodes over his 35 plus years in the film industry....

John Fox specialises in providing realistic on screen weaponry combined with actor coaching for all forms of Film and Television production.

Call Film Armourer Tel: +61 418 316 494

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A Fully Licensed Film Armourer, John has also provided armoury & on set services for the following:- 

The Singapore Grip
Luke Treadaway
Elizabeth Tan
David Morrissey
Colm Meaney
Nadine Garner
Damien Walsh-Howling
Samantha Tolj
Brett Cousins

Girl At The Window
Rahda Mitchell
Ella Newton
James Mackay
Vince Collosimo
Nathan Hill
Son of a Gun
Ewan Mc Gregor
Brenton Thwaites
Alicia Vikander
Tom Budge
Matt Nable
Nash Edgerton
Strike Back
Philip Winchester
Sullivan Stapleton
Michelle Lukes
Milauna Jackson
Michelle Yeoh
Robson Green
The 5th Excecution
Fedor Emelianenko
Anna Geller
Michael Madsen
Rutger Hauer
Pawell Delag
Valeri Nikolayev
Bo-Sung Kim

I, Frankenstein
Aaron Eckhart
Yvonne Strahovski
The Killer Elite
Jason Statham
Clive Owen
Robert De Niro
Yvonne Strahovski
Tomorrow When The War Began
Rachel Hurd-Wood
Caitlin Stasey
Lincoln Lewis
Phoebe Tonkin
Ashleigh Cummings
Animal Kingdom
Jackie Weaver
Guy Pearce
Ben Mendelshon
Joel Edgerton
Red Hill
Ryan Kwanten
Steve Bisley
Tom E Lewis
Claire Va Der Boom
Nicolas Cage
Rose Byrne
The Pacific
William Sadler
James Badge Dale
Joseph Mazzello
Jon Seda
Ghost Rider
Nicolas Cage
Eva Mendes
Wes Bentley
Peter Fonda
Sam Elliott
Ned Kelly
Heath Ledger
Naomi Watts
Orlando Bloom
Geoffrey Rush
Sniper 3
Tom Berenger
Byron Mann

Macbeth ( 2006 )
Sam Worthington
Victoria Hill
Lachy Hulme
Gary Sweet
Darkness Falls
Chaney Kley
Emma Caulfield
Marcus Graham
Tushka Bergan
Jason Donovan
The Hard Word
Guy Pearce
Rachel Griffiths
Daniel Hugh Kelly
Brad Dourif
Nicky Wendt
Jim Knobeloch
Paradise Found
Kiefer Sutherland
Chris Haywood
Mr.Nice Guy
Jackie Chan
Gabrielle Fitzpatrick

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Treat Williams
Jeremy London
Brian Brown
Guy Pearce
Steven Berkoff
Claudia Karvan
On The Beach
Armand Assante
Brian Brown
Jacqueline McKenzie
Romper Stomper
Russell Crowe
Jacqueline McKenzie
Eric Bana
Vince Colosimo
Antonio Sabato Jr
Joanna Cassidy
The Man from Snowy River ( TV Series )
Andrew Clarke
Wendy Hughes
Guy Pearce
Gabrielle Fitzpatrick


Heath Ledger as Ned Kelly in the film "Ned Kelly "

"It is essential for the cast, crew and public involved in TV and Movie production to have safety as the #1 priority. This is one of the Motion Picture Armourer's roles." says Weapons Specialist John Fox.

"The Armourer not only provides weaponry, but also deals with all the facets of weapons safety on the set, even notifying Police and other Authorities when required."

John Fox welcomes requests
from all film makers and is happy
to respond to requests for information.

John has also provided
in front of camera
Weapons Action & Weapons Safety
for the following live shows & music videos

John Fox shows actress Jennifer Johnson the finer points of the 7.62mm GE M134 Mini Gun
( Minigun )

John Fox shows actress Jennifer Johnson the finer points of the 7.62mm M134 Mini Gun

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Experience & Qualifications Held

35yrs Film & Television Industry

OH&S Supervisor
Diploma of OH&S

Assessment & Workplace Training
( Certificate IV )

Child Welfare Supervisor

Risk Assessment
Accident Control Certificate

Workplace Emergency Response
Fire Warden Certificate
First Aid Level 2
Every Required Licence & Permit

Please don't let my years of experience and credit list stop you from contacting me about
your film project

Please be aware that there are always some costs with any film production

A Firearms Safety Course with Instruction suitable for Actors, Actresses & Film Crew to Film Industry Standards