Dear Film Makers,

I have been in the Film Industry for well over 35 years and I have overseen much use of Firearms & Special Effects on film sets during this time, both here in Australia and overseas.

I am a very dedicated film industry person who feels that we are all
on the same team when it comes to making a Feature Film, Short Film
or a 30 second comedy sketch.

The end product on screen is what it is all about and this will be
achieved in a safe and professional manner with the correct firearms
for the story and at a reasonable cost to the production.

I have made it my #1 priority to have in stock all of the types of
firearms that would be required for any scenario that could be used
in a film and to this end I can cover all time periods from 1800 to
the most modern 21st Century weapons.

I also have quantities of like firearms, for SWAT teams, Platoons of
Men, 2nd Unit Demands, or just as spares on set for those times when
the Director asks for something extra.

I am fully licensed and can travel interstate with my firearms.

I can also manufacture special firearms "in house" for any production
should the need arise and pre production time permits.

You can count on me to deliver the same level of professionalism in all
Productions be they big budget or small budget.

I look forward to working on one of your projects soon

John Fox
Dip OH&S
Film & Television Armourer
Special Effects Supervisor
Workplace Trainer & Assessor

John @ MotionPictureArmourer.com