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Filming In Australia - Thailand - South East Asia

If you are considering filming in Australia or Thailand, please contact me well in advance of your production as the paperwork for Export and Import of weapons and explosive special effects can be slow to process.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss any issues of filming in South East Asia.

I have many years of verifiable Feature Film & Television experience and I am familiar with the workings of the film industry in the South East Asian region.

You have nothing to lose, but you have much to gain by talking to me first about your film project.



9mm MP5K Machinegun during a take
Film Industry Full Flash Blanks

5.56mm Colt M4A3 Carbine
Film Industry Full Flash Blanks

Highly Visual Film Industry Blank Cartridges & Special Effects Gun Shot Squibs

It is most important that the Gun Flash and Bullet Wound Squib is visual enough to record on film and to this end we only use purpose made Film Industry Blank Cartridges and Bullet Hit Squibs for all productions.

On Set Safety - Armoury & Special Effects

We can offer 35 years plus of Film Industry Armoury and Special Effects Experience.

We operate with Extreamly High Safety Standards and Accurate Risk Assessments and as such we can acheive Close to Camera Gunfiring Action with Absolute Safety.

We where the original pioneers of The Film Industry Safety Code of Practice in Australia and I hold a Diploma in OH&S.

Both in Australia and throghout South East Asia we have advised film productions on Safety Standards for Armoury and insist that proper protection is provided and that the correct procedures are followed to protect the safety of the Cast and Crew.

If you are considering - Australia - Thailand - South East Asia for your next project please do not hesitate to contact me for an estimate of Armoury and Special Effects costs.


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