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1. What is a Motion Picture Armourer and what is the function of the Armourer (Armorer) on the film set?

A. The provision of Firearms to the Film Industry is by way of a licence issued by a state government to a person who is Suitably Qualified to be a Licensed Film Armourer.

Unfortunatly not all Armourers have the same level of expertise even though they may have a current Police Issued Film Armourer Licence.

The Armourer should have a working knowledge of the film industry,the requirements of the Camera & Crew, all film set safety issues and be able to provide all types of weapons as a professional service to the industry.

At your first meeting with an Armourer always ask to see the Armourers Licence and Other Required Permits and his credits and verify them.

Check what the licence allows the Armourer to do...
It must be Film and Television specific.

You should check the licence for every new film project.... Licences do expire.

A professional Armourer will not mind you asking questions or verifying any of his credentials.

The Armourer is your bridge between the law, the weapons and the film set requirements.

The role of the Armourer is to provide the director with the correct advice with regard to the types of firearms that will suit the script, coach the actors in the correct usage of the firearms, set up a safety brief for the actors and crew and set up an "On Set Code of Practice" to eliminate the chance of injury to any person on the "Film Set" when firing blank cartridges, and to choreograph the gun fire action sequences so that the edited footage will be both realistic and believable.

All of this will be completed in a safe and controlled manner.