The Employment of the "on set" Armourer:

A correctly Licensed Film Industry Armourer must be engaged and be "on set" whenever Firearms, Prohibited Weapons or Prohibited Items, such as Imitation Firearms, Daggers, Flick Knives, Crossbows, Swords, Grenades, Expandable Batons, Handcuffs, Silencers or Bullet Proof Vest's are to be used in a production.

It is important that the producer ascertains that the Film Armourer being employed:-

a. Holds an appropriate Film Armourers Licence (Film Industry Specific) for the State where filming will take place and that the licence is current.

b. The Armourers Licence and any additional Permits must cover all of the types of firearms or prohibited items that will be used in the production.

c. Has the appropriate level of expertise and skills to provide the services of an
"on set " Armourer without risk of injury to cast or crew.

d. That all relevant State Firearms & Weapons Legislation will be strictly adhered to at all times, thus avoiding the films producers being compromised by unlawful firearms activity on their Film Set.

e.That Weapons Safety will be a priority at all times.

f. Is a person who is acceptable to the production crew.

John Fox
Film & Television Armourer
Workplace Trainer & Assessor

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