John Fox - Movie Film Armourer and Weapons Specialist Armorer for the Film and Television Industry - Sniper 3
 UH-1 door mounted minigun  UH-1 landed for a Hot Refuel  7.62mm H & K PSG1 Sniper Rifle  Special Forces ready to deploy  Transport at the ready
 7.62mm Remington M40 Sniper Rifle Serial No.77836 used by Tom Berenger on location in Thailand - Sniper 3

Sniper 3
Filmed on Location in Thailand

Director   P J Pesce

DOP   Mike Bonvillian

Thailand is blessed with beautiful locations, stunning sandy beaches, lush jungles, towering limestone outcrops, exotic wildlife and city landscapes, yet remains a very economical place to film your project.

It is no wonder that when it came time to film Sniper 3 the producers chose Chiang Mai Thailand with its access to older style buildings that can double for Vietnam and closeness of its jungles and the caves at Lampang.

All of the weaponry for the shoot was flown in and more than 60 weapons where used on the set of Sniper 3 in the six weeks of filming.

Tom Berenger with the
 Remington 700 in the Accuracy International Sniper Rifle Stock Byron Mann with Vietnam era Colt 1911A1 Pistols
Byron Mann on location - Chiang Mai Thailand with two Vietnam era
Colt 1911A1 Pistols
Tom Berenger on the set of Sniper 3
Accuracy International Sniper Rifle
Tom Berenger opening sequence Digital Camo - Chiang Mai
The Police Station Explosion, location opposite the Railway Station, Chiang Mai
Tom & Byron in the Noodle Bar set, purpose built at the Tharpa Gate Chiang Mai
Tom Berenger with the Remington M40 Sniper Rifle
Tom Takes Aim
Tom Berenger & Armorer John Fox On Set - Chiang Mai
Tom Between Takes
Tom & Byron take a break during filming
Byron Mann rehearses the shootout at Club Cong,this location is at the Kad Luang flower market
Tom & Byron
Tom took in the sights when not on set. His film production vehicle driver Kae was able to show him many of the attractions of Chiang Mai, Bangkok and other parts of Thailand... If you require a good driver with Vehicle & speaks English please contact Kae
( Mr. Kolachan Kaewluamsai )

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