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7.62mm GE M134 Mini Gun

The use of the minigun in Film Production is not for a faint hearted production accountant with a tight budget.
The gun will chew through your budget at approximately $150 per second of gunfire.
But if you understand that it is a highly visual weapon on film that can be mounted in or on a vehicle or helicopter or on a ground mount and that the weapon has a very emotional on screen presence, it will deliver value for money when it's high rate of gunfire is combined with special effects, bullet hit's, explosions and dolby sound. You will forget about the costs when you see the edited footage.
This is one of the reasons that the minigun has been used in films such as:- Predator - Terminator 2
The Matrix - Blackhawk Down - Wolverine

An Action Film or an Action Sequence is all about.....
The On Screen Action.

Film Armourer John Fox with Actress Jennifer Johnson
John Fox in the workshop
M 134 and the new Dillon Feeder De-Linker for the M134 system
John Fox and Jennifer Johnson with the GE M134 Minigun, door mounted in the Bell Huey UH-1 Helicopter
Film Armourer & Weapons Specialist John Fox with two 7.62mm GE M134 Miniguns
Film Armorer & Minigun Weapons Specialist
John Fox
with two 7.62mm GE M134 Miniguns
John has much experience with the Minigun
having extensive hands on use as well as
overseas training with the M134

7.62mm M134 Minigun Specifications

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