John Fox - Movie Film Armourer and Weapons Specialist Armorer for the Film and Television Industry - Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly
Filmed on Location in Australia

Director   Gregor Jordan

DOP Oliver Stapleton

The story of Ned Kelly is well known to all Australians as he was our most notorious Bushranger or Outlaw

It is no wonder that when it came time to film the feature film Ned Kelly, the producers chose country Victoria in Australia, well known as Kelly Country and with access to the original Kelly lands and their bushranging haunts the perfect place to film this story.

All of the weaponry for the shoot was supplied by Film Armorer John Fox and more than 200 weapons where used on the set of Ned Kelly over the twenty weeks of principal and second unit photography.

 Heath Ledger as Ned Kelly
The Kelly woman could handle a revolver just as well as their men folk
Ned takes aim at the police with the 36cal Colt 1851 Navy Revolver
The Kelly Gang fire their revolvers at the home made armour to see if it will stop the police bullets at Glenrowan

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