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The question most asked of John Fox on the first meeting is:

What is the function of the Armourer on the film set ?

Most of us would answer in simple terms, "He supplies the weapons." In fact the role
of a Professional Film Industry Armourer is far more complex than that.

The Film Armourers Role -

My role is to supply the correct types of firearms to suit the genre of the film, provide the most suitable Blank Cartridges for the required action with regard to the potential dangers involved. set up a safe "on set" code of practice and coach the actors so that they will be able to handle the weapons with the proficiency required to match their character & to do it safely on the film set.

I provide the director with the correct advice with regard to the type of firearms required, the correct use of the firearms and help to choreograph the gun fire sequences so that the edited footage will be both realistic and believable.

The Armourer is also Legally Responsible for the safety of all cast and crew on the film set when any firearms are being used.

Some of these responsibilities are defined by Law in the Firearms Act or the Armourers Licence and others are dictated by the "on set" requirements of the Camera and physical positions of the cast & crew on the set

Regulations -

John Fox is a correctly licensed Film Armourer, and has been involved in his profession for over 25 years.

When any scenes are being filmed involving firearms, there is also a need to communicate with police and other authorities if the firearms are being used in public places or in the view of the public.

With the film set being declared a workplace under Occupational Health and Safety regulations, and the producer is responsible for maintaining a safe workplace.

It is vital that the Armourer be correctly licensed for the type of work being asked of him in the film making process.

Always check the licence and verify the credits of the Armourer before hiring them, as an unlicensed operator is not only dangerous to the cast and crew, but can also lead to heavy prosecution by the Police and Government Agencies.

The Firearms Act & the
Australian Film and Television Safety Code provides that only a recognised
Licensed Film Industry Armourer
is allowed to provide firearms and act as the
"On Set Armourer."

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